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Juan C.G.Miguez Executive Producer of Acento LatinoTV has made the decision to not renew contracts from September 2014 onwards of his shows "Acento Latino" airing on OMNI TV and "Sabor Latino" and "Sabor Musical" airing on the SHAW Multicultural Channel. The last episode of Acento Latino will air September 6 on OMNI TV and the last episodes of Sabor Latino and Sabor Musical will air September 17 on the SHAW Multicultural Channel.

Acento LatinoTV has produced Spanish language programming for 21 years and is time now to move on to other International commitments and let young blood take on that responsibility locally.

Acento LatinoTV Website will still be available for those interested on what has happened in our Spanish language Community in the past 21 years. More videos will be added as time permits, so, stay tuned and enjoy!

A great BIG THANKS to all the Sponsors who supported us these past 21 years, to Rogers Multicultural Channel, SHAW Multicultural Channel and OMNI TV for the opportunity of having our programming air on their channels, to Griselda and all our associates that contributed to our shows and to all our viewers for watching.

Thank you !   

Acento LatinoTV - Richmond, B.C. Canada - 604-272-7337

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